Grafana: Using Microsoft Teams for our notifications when established thresholds are exceeded

Greetings friends, after so many years counting all the possibilities Grafana, InfluxDB and Telegraf, I have come to realize that we have never dealt with the subject of notifications, so that Grafana alerts us when a value exceeds a certain threshold.Grafana has several methods of sending notifications, Email, Slack and many others that you can see here: Today I come to tell you how to configure the notification to Microsoft Teams

Webhook Configuration in Microsoft Teams

To be able to receive notifications to a specific channel, we will have to create a Webhook in the channel we need, normally it would be a channel to receive alarms, instead of bombarding the General channel or similar.In the channels where we need notifications, imagine that we want a certain team to receive notifications of their applications, we will go to the channel - Connectors