Microsoft: Six Microsoft Office 365 features that boost your productivity and collaboration

Greetings friends, I have already told you about my recent migration to Microsoft Office 365, after many years in other technologies the truth is that moving to Microsoft Office 365 is a breath of fresh air, today I want to show you those features that have surprised me for good and I am sure you will love if you migrate.

Start Menu - Quick access to Apps

The small welcome dashboard is greatly appreciated once you log in to Microsoft Office 365, with all the applications there, with the latest files edited and uploaded to OneDrive, the ability to upload new ones, and above all the ability to install desktop applications from here.Not only that, from any online application, we can click on the top left corner, where the 9 little squares, and we can see the shortcuts to all the applications too, it goes without saying that I use this every day.

Microsoft: Project Honolulu Technical Preview – the Dashboard that will delight every IT Administrator

Greetings friends, Microsoft presented during the Microsoft Ignite this year the new Project Honolulu, also gave us access to a Technical Preview that of course we wanted to install.The "Honolulu" project is the culmination of an important customer feedback work, which has directly shaped the direction of the product and investments. With support for hybrid or traditional servers, the "Honolulu" Project provides a quick and easy solution for common IT administrative tasks as well as a lightweight deployment.The Honolulu Project is one of the best products that I have tested by Microsoft, and is that the simplicity of it, the capabilities it has, plus the speed and lightness of the package make it indispensable today, even being a Technical Preview.

What is Project Honolulu?

Honolulu is a set of locally deployed, browser-based management tools that enables local management of Windows servers without Azure or cloud dependency. Honolulu provides IT administrators with full control over all aspects of their server infrastructure, and is particularly useful for managing private networks that are not connected to the Internet.Honolulu is the modern evolution of in-box management tools such as Server Manager and MMC. It is complementary to System Center and Operations Management Suite, and is not intended to replace these products and services.