Nutanix: Deploying Single-Node Nutanix Community Edition 5.18 on VMware vSphere 7 in Nested Mode – ISO Format and with AHV

Greetings friends, some time ago I showed you how to install Nutanix Community Edition using the ISO, but it is true that it gave some problems, you could not turn on VMs, and in the end, deploy it on VMware in a nested way, gave us many problems.A few days ago, Nutanix surprised us with a new version, that if it works without any problem, in a very elegant and fast way, and with a surprise that I would like to try later. When you finish, you will be able to visualize a PRISM like this:

Nutanix: Deploy a Single-Node Nutanix Community Edition 5.6 (ISO) on VMware vSphere 6.5 in Nested mode

Greetings friends, in previous posts about Nutanix I showed you how to launch Nutanix Community Edition on VMware vSphere using the.img image that Nutanix offered us: These posts and videos, with hundreds of visits were fine, but now and in real great news, Nutanix has announced its Nutanix Community Edition 5.6, which in addition to all the news that includes AOS 5.6, give us a simple ISO image so that we can deploy Nutanix Community Edition much more easily, when you finish, you can view a PRISM like this:

Downloading the Nutanix Community Edition

You will need to login at and go to the Nutanix Community section and then to Download Software.