OBS: How to get professional, and informative-looking video calls

Greetings friends, we have been working from home for several months now, as much as possible, and video calls have become very popular, in fact, the preferred way for social interaction, with clients, etc.Although it is known that backgrounds are now very fashionable, and everyone is free to use them, I see more professional some backgrounds that look like offices, or even the blurring of the background more than enough if we are in our bedroom, it always depends on who we talk to and everything.Today I bring you some steps to get something similar to the following, which is just adding some titles on the image of your camera:In order to do that we're going to need:
  • A webcam, I use a Canon Alpha 6000 with an Elgato
  • Game Capture HD60.
  • A Windows PC, Linux, or Mac, works in all.
  • OBS Studio
  • NDI Plugin for OBS
  • NDI Tools