Supermicro: Analysis of the best Home Lab Server 2020 – Supermicro M11SDV-8C+-LN4F

Greetings friends, I told you in 2016 how I found the best homelab, so far, with the fantastic Supermicro Superserver 5028D-TN4T, I made a very complete review with an official discount by Serverfactory: The truth is that this equipment is still working giving me the best performance I've had in years, so even if you wanted to, now it would still be a really good buy.But as the 4 years have passed, it is time to pass the baton, I bought some time ago a Supermicro Superserver E-300-9D-8CN8TP, which certainly has a lot of power and is a piece of good equipment to replace the 5028D, but the E-300-9D has several very negative points:
  • The noise is immense, it has three fans that are set at 7000rpm practically during all use, making it unusable if you have it near your desk.
  • Being a small format, Supermicro people put a fanless heatsink, which is impossible to lower the temperature without having the fans at 7000rpm which can destroy a marriage, and surely your health if you have it close 24x7.
  • Being small format, you can put up to 3 m.2 (one on board and two by PCI-e) and if you hurry a lot of space two SSD in the housing, which is located above the RAM and CPU, imagine how long it will last the SSD withstanding temperatures of 80C.
On the other hand, very positive points:
  • If you have this computer in a rack away from people and well ventilated, supports up to 512GB of RAM.
  • The equipment occupies very little, and if you buy the accessory can be racked without problem in your rack of confidence.
  • Includes 2x10GbE Ethernet, and 2x10GbE SFP, plus another 4x1GbE
  • A very powerful, state-of-the-art processor that can handle any load