Looking for the Perfect Dashboard: InfluxDB, Telegraf, and Grafana – Part XXXI (Monitoring Unifi Protect)

Greetings friends, today I bring you a new entry about Grafana and Unifi, that I am sure you will like and that I hope you will put in your collection. Yes, I know there is a version called Unifi Poller, which does more or less what I explain here, but the complexity of adding it to my already running environment, and that for now, I do not need so much has made me create this lighter version, only for Unifi Protect (remember, the theme of the cameras).Today, I am pleased to bring you a complete and finished Dashboard to monitor Unifi Protect, without limit of Cameras, Cloud Key Gen2, or UDM Pro, or NVR.

Dashboard for Unifi Protect

When we finish the post we will have something similar to that Dashboard that will allow you to view it, click on each link to see it live: