VMware: How to extract Temperature information from ESXi for ARM, send it to InfluxDB, and display it with Grafana

Greetings friends, I told you a few weeks ago what VMware had just launched, and that it was going to revolutionize the world of virtualization and make it, even more, accessible in many new use cases with the new ESXi for ARM.Well, one of the things that worried me the most, I think I mentioned it in the video, was being able to control the temperature of the Raspberry Pi with ESXi for ARM, as ESXi usually gets all this data from the IPMI, iDRAC, iLO, etc.But luckily we have a hero (Tom Hebel) who works in VMware and who has compiled a native driver to extract this information, besides being able to interact with many more things.

Diagram of how this solution works

It's fine, I think, just creating a .json that telegraf then parses and writes to InfluxDB, but if I find a better way to do it, everything will get better, here the diagram: