Looking for the Perfect Dashboard: InfluxDB, Telegraf, and Grafana – Part XXII (Monitoring Cloudflare, include beautiful Maps)

Greetings friends, since 2016 I have been showing you how to get the Perfect Dashboard using Grafana, InfluxDB, and Telegraf, we have come a long way together, and we have seen how to monitor a myriad of critical components, such as SSL, web page responses, VMware vSphere, Veeam, and much, much more.Today we return to the basics, exploring some of the more visually appealing plugins, and giving it a more personal touch, how it is to analyze Cloudflare's statistics where we have our blog, personal website, e-commerce, etc. cached.Note: There are some limitations with the Cloudflare RESTful API:
  • It doesn't always give us the answer with the date we indicate
  • From May it will be legacy, but for now, it serves us
  • With the Free version, we can only consult in ranges of Last 24 hours, Last Week, and Last Month
Once you have finished this tutorial, you will have something similar to this, it is better to give it several days or weeks to see the full potential: