Grafana: Using Microsoft Office 365 for our email notifications

Greetings friends, after so many years counting all the possibilities Grafana, InfluxDB and Telegraf, I have come to realize that we have never dealt with the subject of notifications, so that Grafana alerts us when a value exceeds a certain threshold.Grafana has several methods of sending notifications, Email, Slack and many others that you can see here: I'm going to use the old, but effective, email notification.

Setting up aliases in Microsoft Office 365

In order to send and receive emails through Microsoft Office 365, the best thing is to use an alias, this way we can then create filters in a simpler way, in addition they do not have cost in Microsoft Office 365, so it is perfect, in my case I have created the alias [email protected], let's see how:In the upper left menu we will click on Admin, then on Active users - Edit a user and then on Username/Email Aliases click on Edit