The Blog in numbers, a look at 2020

Greetings friends, like every year on the Spanish Blog, I like to show you the summary of numbers, articles, and so on, which in the end is simply the combined effort of you visiting this blog, and me writing the articles.

First of all, I would like to comment that it has been a very strange year, very complicated for all those who have lost not only their jobs but also their health and the health of those closest to them, besides having to juggle those of us who are lucky enough to work from home. This has conditioned and changed a lot the consumption of news, and of mobiles in general, at least it has made me write much less, and in turn, want to read less, or have less time to read many other blogs, etc.

From here, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! and I hope that you and all of your relatives will continue with health, work, and prosperity for the year 2021. Let’s go with the summary. For the Spanish blog summary visit here.

More than 120,000 visits per year, thank you very much!

I haven’t used Google Analytics for many years now, it adds too much load to the site in general, and with WordPress and Cloudfare’s stats, they work for me. WordPress tells me that this year you have come about 120,000 times to the Blog, and of these, about 67,000 are unique visits.

The progress if we compare it with other years has been increasing, slowly but surely, and that is always good news:

The history of this blog, the English version, is quite interesting, a few years ago (2017) I’ve applied to work at Veeam as an Evangelist (not the first time, but the one at least I had the chance to speak with the hiring manager), today called Product Strategy. The interview went well, the process went well, and the demo went well too, but at one point the hiring manager told me: “Jorge, I love the content you produce, the marketing around, the visits you have, but it is everything in Spanish, your English footprint it is really small or close to nothing.”

That was very valid feedback, the one you can quickly take inside you and do something about, and so I did. Registered the .uk that very same night and started blogging in English as well as Spanish.

Did not get the job by the way, and even if I still dream about the day I would be able to produce material of all sorts (videos, whitepapers, presentations, integrations with other projects like Grafana, Splunk, etc.) for a living, I am very happy and comfortable as Systems Engineer which has a bit of everything and where for sure you see and discuss with a lot of real customers.

Global blog statistics during all this time

I have taken a look at the global statistics, during all this time you have come to visit the blog more than two hundred-eighty thousand times, with almost one hundred sixty thousand unique visitors, it seems that you like to come more during Wednesdays at two o’clock in the afternoon

Also, I’m glad to see that I have written almost 50,000 words during this year, which is no joke.

Top 10 most viewed posts of the year

Without wasting much more time, let’s go to the most viewed posts at a general level of the whole of 2020, from number one to number ten:

Grafana: Using Microsoft Teams for our notifications when established thresholds are exceeded

Looking for the Perfect Dashboard: InfluxDB, Telegraf and Grafana – Part XII (Native Telegraf Plugin for vSphere)

FreeNAS: How to Deploy a Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate in FreeNAS 11.x and HTTPS Configuration

Draw. io – The best technical drawing tool, free and online, has now desktop application

VMware: How to monitor your VCSA 6.5 using SNMP and PRTG Network Monitor

FreeNAS: Initial installation and configuration of FreeNAS 11.x as VM within vSphere

Veeam: How-to Deploy, and Configure MinIO with Erasure Coding Enabled, Immutability, and Let’s Encrypt

PRTG: Monitoring Supermicro IPMI to know temperature and voltage using SNMP

FreeNAS: Enable and configure Object Storage in FreeNAS 11.x compatible with S3 APIs – Based on MinIO

FreeNAS: Configure Veeam Backup Repository Object Storage connected to FreeNAS (MinIO) and launch Capacity Tier


Countries that most visit the Blog

Although I guess it’s almost obvious, the Blog has visitors from all over the planet, I want to leave you with the list of the top 10 countries that visit us the most:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Brazil
  • Netherlands
  • Russia
  • Canada
  • India
  • Italy

I leave you the heat map with the countries from where you come, it is colored practically all over the planet, and that makes me feel very happy:

Top 5 friend websites where you come from

It is good to be thankful, and I want to thank the following friend websites from where many of you come every year:

Top 5 GitHub Projects

This year I have given the extra by creating several projects on Github so that we could all benefit, some of the favorites have been


My 2020 Online presentations

Coming back to that story around the Evangelist, decided to step up my game and increase my English-material footprint and started doing online presentations for different vendors, I had the luck to be selected for a few online conferences this year, and I would love to share the recordings:

Special thanks to my family

Without the two most important and closest people none of this would be possible. They are there during the whole process of content creation, besides supporting me with the constant investment that is a Homelab, both in money and time. Besides always motivating me and giving me their smile when I have to do things. Time passes quickly and I try to write in the evenings and weekends, but still always end up using some free time that could be investing more in the family, so thanks a lot to them.

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